The Best of the Best Education Organizations

For Health Professionals

Academy 4 Health

Animal Health Coach

Coach 4 Health

Colon Hydrotherapy Coach

Health Coach Academy

Hydrotherapy Coach

Emotional Release Coaches

Health Coach Council

Personal Health Coaches

Quantum Health Academy

Quantum Health Coach

Scalar Health Academy

For All Professionals

Academy 4 Coaching

Recommended correspondence courses for practicing legally


For Natural Therapies Professionals

Aromatherapy Coach

Bioenergetics Coach

Bioenergetics 4 You Coach

Biofeedback Coach

Bioresonance Coach

Homeopath Coach

Hypnotism Coach

Integrity Biofeedback Academy Coach

Natural Therapies Coach

Naturopath Coach

Neurotherapy Coach

Raindrop Coach

Reflexology Coach

Scalar Academy

Scalar Coach

Sound Coach Network

Wisdom by Nature Coach

For Nutrition & Nutrition Health Professionals

Academy 4 Nutrition

Coach 4 Detoxification

CRA Wellness Academy

Detoxification Coach

Nutrition Coach Academy

Personal Nutrition Coaches

For Spiritual Healers and Coaches

Academy 4 Healing

Healer Coach

Quantum Healer Academy

Soul Vibrations Coach

Spiritual Healer Coach

Spiritual Health Coach

For Wellness Professionals

Academy 4 Wellness

Quantum Wellness Academy


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