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Who ARE We?


We are a group of employees who work or worked for certification boards, license boards, school districts, colleges or another accredidation board.


We want to help both licensed and certified professionals obtain a high quality education, join an accredited professional organization and then practice legally in their profession.


If you discover your education, professional ethics or informed consent form are below average, we suggest you correct the deficiency as quickly as possible.


If you discover your professional association does not fully protect you, we suggest you join one of the Best of the Best Associations.


Reduce your risk of being harassed.



We will normally respond within
24 hours M-F except holidays


For More Information or to
share comments and concerns


Request a Review of an
Unlisted Organization


Give us the full name of the organization and their web address so we can start there. You may include any important comments.

We will answer you within 24 hours for all organizations we've already reviewed.


New reviews usually take two to three days to complete if the company being reviewed is cooperative. Poor quality boards generally take longer.


We apologize for any delays.


We evaluate the legitimacy of certification boards, education organizations and professional Associations. We rely a great deal on how these organizations stand behind, educate and protect their clients.

The good organizations will help their clients resolve any issues they have with any license board or governmental agency. The really bad ones blame and attack their own clients and claim their clients are breaking the law. They also claim clients joined their association, passed their classes, or became certified under false circumstances.

The good organizations offer assistance with building your business, improving your personal skills and practicing legally in your community, state/province and country.

How We Evaluate Quality

We evaluate organizations based on their accountability to, and their credibility with, their clients and the public. The phrase "the public" includes governmental agencies, license boards, attorneys general and other professionals in the states and provinces the organization serves.

Those organizations are scored on a proprietary assessment scale of

1-100. The results are expressed in this scale:

96 - 100 = The Best of the Best

80 - 95 = Excellent Quality

60 - 79 = Above Average Quality

40 - 59 = Possible Diploma Mill

15 - 39 = Probable Diploma Mill

00 - 14 = The Worst of the Worst Diploma Mills

We publicly publish only what, in our expert opinion, we believe to be the Best of the Best to avoid expensive harassment from diploma mills.






The Federation of Spiritual Healer Licence Boards is the largest interdenominational group with a pristine reputation for licensing only fully qualified professionals as spiritual healers, spiritual coaches, spiritual health coaches, spiritual life coaches and spiritual wellness coaches.




The American Association of License Board Mediators is a group of attorneys, retired attorneys and mediators with a superior record of resolving license board and government agency issues for properly credentialled professionals.




IPX Services has the most reasonable fees of any registered agent services company for registering nonprofit organizations in the USA. They also incorporate nonprofits in North Carolina that can operate in any state



Credibility First™ is a privare 501(c)(4) education organization offering our services to the public at no cost.


We operate under the laws suporting Freedom of Speech and Self Expression, Freedom of Choice and Self Determination and Freedom to Private, Personal and Business Confidentiality in both the USA and Canada.

We do this to protect ourselves from government and diploma mill harassment. We publish only the positive information we have in the public domain. We confidentially share all in the private domain.



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